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Say hello to CorporateRoom’s Business Process Outsourcing Solutions (BPOS). The BPOS allows your company to adopt the Global Business Services (GBS) business model, which has been extremely relevant in this digital transformative age.

Research conducted by KPMG has shown organisations with GBS typically gain 20% to 40% cost reductions and can even achieve 3% to 5% higher return on equity.
What exactly is BPOS?

BPOS is the outsourcing of one or more business processes to external providers. These providers are responsible for overseeing and controlling these specific processes, while adhering to your performance criteria.

BPOS is widely adopted by companies across various sectors, such as HR, finance, IT and customer care. It’s the smart way to enhance efficiency and focus on what truly matters.

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Not convinced? Here are 7 ways how BPOS can save cost and increase equity:

Effortless Process Streamlining

We make it easy to enhance operations by assigning experts to tasks, ensuring consistent results for increased profits.

On-Demand Assistance

Our dedicated accountants are available, swiftly resolving issues to maintain seamless operations and your peace of mind.

Smart Cost Solutions

Trim overhead costs with strategic outsourcing.

Expertise On Your Side

Access elite BPOS professionals for top-tier performance, minus the heavy in-house costs.

Maximize Efficiency & Growth

Unlock your potential with up to 30% business growth through process optimization that enhances revenue and equity.

Tailored Excellence

Your business, your way. Enjoy bespoke solutions with competitive pricing that align perfectly with your unique needs.

Data Security Assurance

Your data's safety is our priority; rest assured of its confidentiality.
CorporateRoom’s BPOS

At CorporateRoom, we pride ourselves on our timely assistance, high expertise and tailored solutions for every client. Our dedicated professionals are always available for you. Work alongside us and grow your business with a peace of mind.

As a leading provider of corporate services, our BPOS offers expert accounting and financial solutions to help businesses streamline their processes and foster growth. Our BPOS includes the following services.

Payment Processing

We help you manage and complete the payment processing cycle, encompassing tasks such as receiving payment requests, validating payment information, initiating payment processes, and reconciling transactions.

Invoice Generation & Customisation

We can generate customized invoices for your business. Simply provide us with the information (product or service details, pricing, quantities, etc) and we will get it done for you. We also tailor the invoice template (adding logo, contact information, any specific formatting requirements, etc.) to suit your branding and give your brand a unique identity.

Bookkeeping & Other Accounting Related Tasks

Includes day-to-day tasks such as management of accounts payables and receivables, general ledger management account, bank reconciliation and more. Accurate and timely, our recordings are in adherence to the regular accounting standards.

Preparation of Financial Statements

Get your financial statements prepared according to Singapore's Financial Reporting Standards. With a clearer view of your numbers, your management team will be able to make more informed financial decisions for the company. Boost your business performance with us today.

Tax Preparation

Enjoy smooth and error-free tax services. Our professional team keeps your tax preparation in check, utilizing what your business has so that you pay as little tax as possible, while staying compliant.

Payroll Processing

We simplify payroll processing on your end. Let us help you do the wage calculations, deductions (if any) and everything related to payroll and employment. Say goodbye to complicated payroll admin. We've got it all covered for you.

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Can’t find the service you want from our BPOS?
We got you covered for that as well.

At CorporateRoom, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our service. That is why we also
offer partial or customized BPOS for our clients if that can better meet their needs. Below are the BPOS options we have.

Full-Service BPOS

We manage your entire accounting and financial processes. Free up your time so that you can invest in your core business activities for your company.

Let’s get a full BPOS with CorporateRoom
Partial BPOS

We assist you with specific accounting and financial processes. You let us know your requirements and we will fit to your needs.

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Customised BPOS

Looking to outsource tasks beyond payment processing, invoice generation, bookkeeping and payroll processing? Come speak to our experts and they will be more than happy to give you a proposal that meets your business needs and provides value for your investment.

Let’s get a customized BPOS with CorporateRoom

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Entrepreneurship isn’t easy but with our customised BPOS, your challenges can be simplified. Contact us via Whatsapp to learn how we can help you attain business transformation in the digital age.

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