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Our team of specialist company secretaries and regional connections provide us with the right platform to help our clients as their preferred corporate services partner for Singapore and the Asia Pacific.

Company Incorporation


We assist clients with the swift incorporation of Singapore companies, including subsidiaries, branch and representative offices.

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Company Secretary

Named Company Secretary

Our team of qualified Chartered Secretaries work hand-in-hand with the Directors and Shareholders to ensure compliance and provide reliable corporate advice.

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Corporate Actions

Ad-hoc Corporate Actions

We are able to assist in a range of simple to complex corporate actions, such as Constitution modification, Buyback/Issuance/Redemption of Preference Shares, Increase/Reduction in Share Capital, Company Valuation and Liquidation Services etc.

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Annual Compliance

Company Annual Compliance

We ensure that the company’s annual compliance requirements, including Annual General Meetings (AGM), annual returns and tax compliance are all fulfilled.

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Success Planning

Business Success Planning

We understand the challenges of Business Success Planning and provide our clients with professional advice which will help you to better achieve your goals.

What Our Clients Say

“When we were introduced to CorporateRoom via friends, we felt that we finally found the right team who could answer all our queries and issues, and guided us in the right execution of our plans. Thank you so much guys, looking forward to a successful partnership!”


“We initially had trouble finding the right company secretaries, as a lot we approached were not fluent with what we required (preference share issues and Constitution stuff). The expert team at CorporateRoom was a breath of fresh air, and everything was handled professionally.


“We want to thank CorporateRoom for a job well done. The advise given has been very valuable and incorporation process was smooth for our registered subsidiary. We hope that our success in Singapore can continue with the support from the team here.”


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Our team of consultants are ready to assist you with your queries, and provide no-obligations advice to first better understand your needs.


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